Free sound files with the Tramfabriek

Sound Experience

We are coming to a time where many model trains fan demand sound in their models. Here I’ll be sharing some sound files I created for my own model trains. Take them as they come. They will only be available for the decoder brand listed.

Doehler & Haass sounds can only be uploaded to the decoder with their own brand Programmer and their Sound Project Editor software (Windows only)

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Updated 7/9/2022

D001- Pacer Class 143/144

Model available as a 3D print here

Used decoder: D&H SD05A

Sound file for D&H sound decoders

Function list

If you have a Roco Z21, you can upload Zimo sound files to your Zimo decoder using the Z21 Maintenance tool (Windows only). No need to buy the MXULFA. Check in the app if your decoder is compatible. All MS sound decoders are compatible.

Z001- Bachmann Baldwin 10-12-D

Instructions on how to open the model:


Use decoder: Zimo MX659N18 or MS590N18 (Next18 plug in) or MS500 (re-wire electronics)

Sound file for MX decoders

16b bit sound file for MS decoders

Function list

   Free downloads

Updated 22/8/2022