Digital decoders and Powerpacks


Digital components

Brake module

For use with decoders that support ABC (automated run between 2 or 3 points).

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Lokprogrammer for the Train-O-Matic decoder range.ย 

Package includes:

1 x programmer

1x USB cable

Not included, but needed, is a 12V power adapter with DC plug (ร˜ 2.1 mm for inner pin).


- Program CV's of any brand of decoder

- Update decoder firmware (Train-O-Matic decoders only)

A computer with Windows is necessary. Works with Mac OS with Parallels and Windows 10 installed.

Download manual

S88N Module

The S88N module allows transmission to the digital command station or the PC interface the status of 16 digital inputs. Such modules can be cascaded into a number of 8-16 pieces (128-256 inputs), depending on type of command station / digital interfaces. Each input is equipped with a LED control that monitors the inputโ€™s logic state: LED lit means that there is an electrically closed contact between input and common terminal (โ€œCโ€); LED off means inactive input (open contact). Monitoring only works when connected to the S88N bus.ย 

RJ45 connection allows to use standard patch cables

- Compatibility with digital S88N command stations and interfaces

- Input status signaled by control LEDs

- Easy-fitting through the 4 mounting holes (included as accessories)

Technical information:

- Number of inputs: 16

- Power supply voltage: 5-12Vdc through S88N connector -supply current in idle state: <5 mA

- Dimensions: 65x78 mm

- Weight: 35 g

- Class of protection: IP00

- Operating temperature: 0 to +60 o C

- Storage temperature: -20 to +60 o C

- Moisture: max 85%

- Type and interface cables used: RJ45 jacks, CAT5 cable