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When you have any decoder, plug it in into the Tramfabriek Decoder Test Board and connect it to your DCC command station to assure it’s working or to program it before installing into your model.

To check the scale speed of your model train. You’ll be surprised how much too fast it was running.

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Tramfabriek DCC Decoder Test Board

By drM


Exclusive Tramfabriek DCC test board

Art DT200

Easy way to test your decoders. Comes with 12V coreless motor, in contrast to the marginally cheaper alternative by another brand. With the coreless motor it is therefore very quiet. Especially when working on sound decoders, this is essential, but also with non sound DCC it is a relief.

- Essential device to assure that your new decoder works as it should when you receive it from new, before installing in your model

- You can program the decoder before installing

- Test decoder that you are unsure of if it is working. You can assure the model train is not causing any problem, when tested outside of the model.

A digital command station is needed to connect to the decoder tester to read and control the fitted decoders.

Only connect one decoder at the time! Fitting more than one decoder can damage the decoders.

Will test all the popular DCC connectors:



NEM 651 6 pin

MEN652 8 pin


With integrated speaker.


SPC100R is an easy to use tachometer with large LCD display, which will measure the speed of your model train. If you want to limit the maximum speed of your train in CV5 of the digital decoder to match the real world maximum speed, or you just like to see which is the fastest train, you don’t need to draw lines on a straight piece of track and sit next to it with a stop watch. Just turn on this Speedometer, pass the train along it and you know.

Can measure for the following region and scales:


O gauge 1:43.5,  OO gauge 1:76, TT 1:120, N gauge 1: 148


O 1:45, H0 1:87, TT 1:120, N 1:160,  Z 1:220


O 1:48, H0 1:87,  N 1:160, Z 1:220


HO 1:80, N 1:150

- The unit of speed can be switched between Km/H, mph.

- Size: 100mm x 50mm x 14mm

- Includes: Speedometer and paper instructions. Optional: Mini USB cable.

Uses USB 5V power supply, like from a phone charger. Power charger not supplied. 

SPC100R with external sensor connector (v211) manual v1.15  click here

SPC100R with external sensor connector (v212) manual v1.16  click here

SPC100R instruction video, below.

Casing to print in 3D download click here

This is how the Mini USB connector needed for the Speedometer looks like >

Please note: The speed on the speedometer will be amplified due to scale. The smaller the size, the higher the amplification rate. The resolution on the speedometer is 5mS. After conversion of 5mS, some sizes will be amplified to an error of 5 kilometers. This actual difference in model time is very small.

Watch the introduction video below.

On order. New stock expected late July 2024

Steps to set country + scale

Turn device on. Wait until main screen appears (make sure nothing is blocking the sensors are there is no bright daylight)

1. Button 1, SET AREA appears

2. Press 2, country/area appears

3. Press 1, to cycle through countries/area

5. Key 2 to confirm. Scale will appear under country

6. Press 1 to choose scale

7. Press 2 to confirm.