Conversion to 12V coreless motor

Tsugawa makes pretty nice chassis. With the Tramfabriek 12V motor upgrade they are even better! This is a simple replacemement, which can be done in 5 minutes. And you’ll be able to have a larger range to control your model and it can run with all your other 12V trains. You can even convert it to DCC.

TU0615 - 12V motor upgrade kit Tsugawa with 6mm motor


1x 12V Coreless motor

Compatible with for example:

14046 TU-9A

14053 TU-DB158

14054 TU16A

TU0716 - 12V motor upgrade kit Tsugawa with 7mm motor


1x 12V Coreless motor

1x 10 x 2.5mm flywheel

Compatible with for example:



What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

- General model making tools

Installation time: Around 5 minutes

Question? Just reach out!

This is a very simple installation.  

1. De-solder the wires.

2. Twist the motor out of the chassis. You can use pliers if you can’t get a good grip.

3. Pull the brass worm off with your fingers. If you have trouble, carefully use a flat screw driver and twist between motor and worm. Careful not to damage the blades.

4. Press the worm on the new motor

5. Re-fit the motor

6. Solder the wires to the motor

7. If you have a flywheel, place the flywheel


Below, see an example of how sweet it runs with the 0615 motor.

This video is with the 0716 motor. Later in the video there is an example with DCC.