Motorised chassis


Tiny from Tomytec

Surprisingly brilliantly running miniature chassis for N gauge and 009/OO9 projects. It's smooth running is the reason why the Tramfabriek decided to sell these chassis.

- Wheelbase 16 mm. 

- Comes with N gauge couplings and side skirts.

- 12 Volt motor.

- L x H x B = 41.8 x 21 x 12.9 (Height measured from rail height without flange)

Will be sent with product packaging folded flat, so it can go through the mail as large letter. This way you save a lot on postage cost.



With exclusive 12 Volt motor

These surprisingly well running Tsugawa drives come from the factory with a 3V motor. The Tramfabriek has installed a 12V motor, so you can run it without resistor on any 12V DC model train layout.

Track: 9 mm

For scales: N, 009, H0e, HOn30

Wheelbase: 9 mm

Wheel diameter: 5.6 mm

The wires on the 12V chassis are left long on purpose, for those who want to convert the model to DCC. Suitable non-sound decoders are sold here, sound decoders here.

Please note that the drives do not come in a hard plastic case, for save the environment from more plastic waste. Because of the smaller size and lower weight, this will also keep the cost postage much lower for you.

Below a running example with the 12V motor on DC.


TU-DB158 with 3 Volt motor


With the KOPPEL-A, if over time you experience sudden stops, seemingly bad rail contact or wheel lock up, most likely the valve gear rail is bent. It needs to be straight and parallel with the chassis.


TU-KOPPEL-A with 3 Volt motor

TU-KOPPEL-A with 12 Volt motor


KATO two axles drives

These 12V N gauge chassis come with factory installed coreless motor and flywheel.  Also very popular with H0e/OO9 fans. They are superior replacements for the classic 11-103 and 11-104.

DCC operation possible, though you would have to open the model (clipped) and solder wires. Suitable decoders are available here.

A complete take-a-part can be found here, including DCC installation

Couplings for Kato

These replacement couplings for 009 and H0e are a Tramfabriek exclusive product. Available in two sizes. Fit to all Kato N gauge motorised chassis, including Prince/Princess.

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Download as EPS