TNHT Type Sanders v2


Please note!

Motorised kit not available anymore.

Available only as unmotorised 3D print from Shapeways. Some name/number plates available on request. Per set £5.50.




Complete kit of the steam tram in scale 1:87. Well researched and as-good-as authentic recreation of the way it was on the tracks from around 1921. To protect the driver from the cold, both fronts of the tram received windows. The additional window on one side is unique to this kit. It however not have the headlights the two other TNHT kits have. The kit consists of the following parts:

  • Unpainted, but degreased plastic parts with all details on the inside already fitted. The housing and boiler are two separated items.
  • Complete assembled drive. A remarkable great performance at slow pace. Weiner RP 25 spoke wheels and mounted coupling rods.
  • Fine etched number, name and factory plates.
  • Nickel Silver side window.
  • Miniature chain for the fire door (on the back of the tram).
  • 10 grams of “fluid lead”
  • Spare rubber belt for the drive.

The kit comes in a plastic box, protected by foam, with a small booklet.  In the booklet you will find background information on the tram, together with some instructions.

Paint is not supplied. Check the Tips section for paint and colour advise, as well for the building instructions.

H0e Version

RTR version comes with box