Fits Fleischmann Art 7968, 7969

What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Thin wire

- Small flat screwdriver

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

Installation time: Around 20 minutes


The Fleischmann instructions say to remove the housing by lifting it upwards.  But you might need to mind the tabs. There are two tabs on each side of the fronts on the model, that stick through the housing, so keep that in mind when removing the housing.

(Art. 7968, 7969) to 12V coreless motor

Question? Just reach out!

Fleischmann Track cleaner

See the replacement motor in action on a similar model.





Remove the motor

You might be able to pull the gear off with your fingers, but on my model it had a tight fit and I used my gear puller, available here. That made it an easy job (also very useful for other projects).

Press the sprocket on the brass tube.

Put solder on the contacts. You’ve got to use a solder iron, of course. Just holding soldering wire against a contact without using a hot solder iron, as seen on the picture, doesn’t get you anywhere.


Place the gear with the adapter on the motor. Test first where the sprocket aligns with the sprocket below.


Solder wires from the contacts to the motor.


 Check if the flywheel at the back is not obstructing the housing, when placed. Adjust accordingly, if needed.


Press housing back in place, fit screw and enjoy!

If you want to convert this model to DCC, check out the CV settings for this motor.

In this example, the Doehler & Haass super tiny PD05A has been installed.