upgrade to 12V coreless motor

This upgrade kit is for Dapol and Tomix rail vacuum cleaner

Contents of the kit

What you need for conversion set

- The model and upgrade kit

- Small cross head screwdriver

- Soldering iron 15W/25W

- Epoxy glue

- 3mm drill bit (no drill needed)

Installation time: Around 30 minutes

Difficulty: Pretty easy to do. 


Release screw from bottom of the bogie. You can then take the top housing off. 

You can take the whole screw and bogie out if you want.


Pull the motor and the pad with the sandpaper out.

Dapol/Tomix track cleaner


Question? Just reach out!


Take a 3 mm drill bit and widen the motor hole by hand, so the motor will snap into it.


If the adapter hasn’t been fitted by us yet, fit the adapter. If the adapter fits with friction, push the back of the motor on the adapter on a piece of metal. You have to protect the back (!!), to avoid pressing the backside out of the motor housing. If the adapter has a loose fit, fit it with any Loctite glue. Don’t use super glue, as you don’t get time to press the adapter far enough.


Carefully apply fast drying epoxy glue. I’m using 90 second Araldite. Avoid putting glue close to the centre.


Press motor in place, being careful to not get glue in the motor shaft. Then solder the wires. Test if it works.


Fit all the parts back and you are ready to clean.

Personal note: I’m not a big fan of a device like this. It is quite brutal on the track. I advise to use RailZip2 or Auto Transmission Fluid (same stuff) to improve conduction. Smear 10 cm of rail with this stuff on a cotton but, run the train a few times over that section, run the train 3 times around the track and all locomotives will suddenly run without stutter. No need to use a rail rubber cleaning block.

Digital conversion

This motor upgrade kit can very well be converted to DCC. For great decoders, check here. Check the digital setting page, for many decoders, to get the best driving experience.

And one more model has been brought back to the future!