Couplings for 1:87 and 1:76

Magno-Electro Couplings

An etched kit with couplers, ideal for sharp curves. Easy to fit on the centre point of a bogie (US: truck) or just with a screw.

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The famous and most popular coupling in the 009 scene.  Includes iron wire for magnetic uncoupling.

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Centre point couplings

Magnetic couplings, which also forward electricity, to reduce the drag of power contacts on the wheels.

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Coupling to replace default N-gauge coupling in Kato drives 11-109 and 11-110. This is a free download, so you can print it yourself on a resin printer.

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An alternative coupling for H0e, H0m and009. When you have a track with sharp curves, where wagons are being pulled out of the track or when you simply need couplings for your rolling stock. With this coupling you decide the pivoting point yourself. This can be with an M1.6/BA10 screw at the ends of the wagon or on the centre point of the bogie. When you have decided the turning point of the coupling, you can cut off the back part that is not used. You can also leave the end as is, to connect a spring or rubber band the two couplings together, so they will spring back in straight position.

It is easy to enlarge the holes with a diamond file, so the couplings have almost unlimited use. Like for example on H0e carriages of Egger-Bahn, Liliput or Bemo. The rings are washers.

A Greenwich hoop can also be fitted instead of the supplied hoop.

Diameter holes = 1.65 mm

A package contains 4 couplings (= 2 etched sets)

Greenwich Couplings

Simple and cheap, though amazingly effective. A kit exists of 10 couplings, which have to be folded and assembled. A steel wire wil make it possible to uncouple without the “hand of God”, using a magnet between the rails (sold separately). Mainly for OO9,  H0e and H0m, but also suitable for 0e fx.

Liliput Short

Magno-Electro couplings


Not only will there be light, there will be light constantly. And realistic close-coupling. Easy coupling. Less wheel with contacts. Benefits all over the place.

Narrow gauge normally means light locomotives. When you fit lighting to a coach, you need contacts to the wheels to power the light. These press on the wheels and will make the coach heavier to pull. So imagine the drag on multiple coaches with a full light installation. A locomotive will pull one or two coaches with light, but will stall when pulling more. To solve this problem, the Tramfabriek has taken the existing concept of wired magnets and developed these ME-Couplings especially, but not uniquely, for the popular Liliput and Tillig coaches. Now only one coach needs to have contacts to the wheel, all the other coaches draw power from that one coach. Besides that the train will now be lighter to pull, the carriages can also be closer coupled together, now at a realistic distance from each other. And thanks to the hook on the coupling, they just as easy couple to standard hoop couplings.

Liliput Medium

Watch the magic of the Magno-Electro Couplings.

Tillig Short

Tillig Medium

One set contains two couplings. All couplings are painted and pre-assembled, including black Tramfabriek Ultra Thin Wire.

11.3 mm

13.3 mm

11.7 mm

13.3 mm

Note the more realistic distance between the coaches with the Magno-Electro Couplings.

Make our own ME couplings

Get the cheap deal and save us the labour by getting 10 or 20 couplings in one go from the Tramfabriek Shapeways shop. Compliment this with the 2x2 mm magnets and wire.

Length 10 meters

More colours available here

Kato 11-109 & 11-110 replacement couplings for H0e/OO9

The Kato 11-109 and 11-110, available from the Tramfabriek, are a fantastic contribution to the model train world. The driving qualities are magnificent and it’s therefore not a surprise many H0e and OO9 train fans are using these drives for many projects. But they come standard with N gauge couplings, which are of no use to us. So therefore I designed this obvious solution, which is easy to swap out with the factory installed coupling.

To replace the couplings, just pull the coupling cover off and cut the small plastic rod that holds the spring in place. You might have to trim the replacement coupling at the end, so it fits. You don’t need the spring, it just fits in like it is. 

There are three different sizes, depending on the space you need. The two larger versions can optionally have a metal Greenwich or Tramfabriek loop coupling. They can be fitted with a brass lace pin. This is easy to cut to size with the end squeezed flat to fix in place.

The STL files are free to download and print.  Free digital and physical distribution is allowed (no commercial use), but credit to the Tramfabriek has to be mentioned with the product. Changes to the design are allowed, also here credit to the original design to the Tramfabriek has to be mentioned.

In addition, I sell the medium and large sized couplings as a set of 2 and 10, as well as you can buy the 11-109 drive with the 009/H0e couplings.

Kato Medium

7 mm

9 mm

Files are made for use with resin printer. It also contains a version of the coupling prepared with supports, ready to print.

Kato Long

The given distance is measured between the points shown at the left.