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Upgrades for model cars

Citroen HY

An etched sheet with wing mirrors, grill, lamp rings, step plate, wipers and number plates.

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Citroen HY for Busch and Herpa 1:87 models

Etched kit to upgrade the Busch Citroen HY model. Included in the etch is:

- Grill (Busch only, advised not to install on Herpa model)

- Lamp rings

- Wing mirrors

- Wipers

- Step plate

- Base panels for number plates, front and back. For the back side, plates are included for lower or top position. (National numberplate itself not included, just the metal base)

Basic modelling skills are needed to install this kit. Be aware that the items are very tiny. I personally would advise not to install the wipers as this is very difficult to install clean, I've just included them because I could. If you do decide to glue the wipers, use Kristal Klear, Glue'n'Glaze or PVA.

Below is what you’ll receive. Model not included:

A thin rod of 0.3 mm nickel silver is also included, for those who would like the mirror holder seen on top of the mirror. This is more realistic, as well as it is a stronger connection. A piece of this rod can be glued with super glue or soldered.

A discount will be applied when buying 3 or more..