Another product appearing out of personal desire are these figures for my and your model train layout. Designed and printed in 3D and available as a free download. 

Turn the sound on!

Later this month some figures will also available for purchase as a physical, printed figurine.

  001- Helena

Updated 7/9/2022

Fire woman at the Ffestiniog Railway. 

  002- Britta

Engine driver at the Ffestiniog Railway in classic Victorian outfit.

Used colours:

AMMO: Warm skin tone,

Vallejo: Oxford blue, Sky grey, Red, black grey, Pale sand

  003 - Tom

Engine driver at the Ffestiniog Railway in overalls. Made to fit in the Kato/Peco Small England, looking through the porthole window.

  004 - Andrew

Engine driver. Made to fit in the Bachmann Quarry Hunslet with open cab. There is more space for him at the left side on the footplate, even though the Hunslet is a right hand drive.

Download zip file