‘Schermendam’ (2017) - 1:87 H0e by Sven van der Hart

‘Picknick in Gelderland’ / ‘Picnic in Gelderland’ (2018) - 1:87 H0e by Jos Geurts and Sven van der Hart

‘Duivelsberg’ / ‘Devil’s Hill’ (2019) - 1:87 H0e by Jos Geurts and Sven van der Hart

Duivelsberg / Devil’s Hill

Info on the diorama:

Name: Devil’s Hill

Diorama built by: Jos Geurts and Sven van der Hart

Year built: 2019

Previous exhibition: 2019: Rail Houten - NL, Pewsey - UK

Size: 30 x 30 cm

Trackplan: circular track

Scale: 1:87, H0e 9 mm narrow gauge

Powered: Digital 16V

‘Devil’s Hill’ is a working diorama in a small cube. With measurements of only 34 x 34 x 34 cm, it’s a very compact finished “layout” that can be transported on the bicycle and train. It features the top of a hill in a forest in the east of the Netherlands. As there aren’t many high places in the Netherlands, Duivelsberg, as it is called in Dutch, is celebrated with a small station. The model of the waiting shed is based on an old bus stop from the area. Even though Duivelsberg does really exist, the pictured location is fictional.

Gardener Jos Geurts is known for his very realistic trees and for this diorama he flexed his autumn tree muscles. All trees are highly detailed and each one impresses on its own. They trunks are made using flower wire and mixed techniques have been used to make the trees to be a replica of its original kind. A tree expert should be able to name the trees, while the non-experts will just enjoy the view.

The box has been designed for easy transport purposes by Sven van der Hart. The pedestal on which it is presented, serves as a protection cover when taken on the road and carries like a small suitcase. Even though it is very small, it contains a full working railway. It isn't going anywhere, nor can there be any shunting going on, as it is a circular track with a diameter of 22 cm. But it allows to dream away. The highly curved track will only allow trains and steam trams with a short wheel base to ride on. If you listen, you’ll hear that sound has even been built in in the smallest models. Most of the locomotives on duty are Tramfabriek products, but other makes can be seen as well.