De Tramfabriek is afwezig van 21 tot 26 augustus 2019. Geplaatste bestellingen worden bij terugkomst afgehandeld. 

The Tramfabriek is away from 21 to 26 of August 2019. Orders placed will be processed when we return.

Dapol (N scale) 12V coreless motor upgrade


Spoil any N scale Dapol A4 to the exclusive Tramfabriek 12V coreless motor upgrade. A incredibly silent motor giving your train crawling capabilities. See video to see how slow it will be able to go after the upgrade.

Installation is simple: Just lift the tender up from the chassis, remove the bracket unlocking one of the two clips on the bottom and replace the motor and cardan. Solder the wires to the pickups (red right, blue left). No glue is needed.

Compatible with DCC use. I personally prefer Zimo decoders, but any other decoder will work as well. The correct settings for coreless motors with Zimo decoder can be found here.

The kit contains: 12V coreless motor with brass 1.5 mm adapter fitted on shaft, adapter casing.

Motor also separately available.

Five years warranty on manufacturing defects.