What more do you want?

Digital decoders

- NMRA compliant DCC locomotive decoder

- Short (1-127) and long (128-9999) configurable addresses

- 14, 28/128 speed steps

- Maximum motor current 1000mA

- Load compensation and BEMF

- Speed set at 3 points (Vmin, Vmid, Vmax) or in tabular form

- Shunting speed 

- Constant distance braking, activated on ABC/DC sector or at zero speed

- Reduced speed drive on ABC Slow Speed section

- Penduling function (Push-Pull) without or with intermediar stop

- Up to 10 dimmable auxiliary outputs

- Function output maximum 200 mA per output, maximum of all outputs 400mA

Train-O-Matic asks us the question, What more do you want?. That is one bold tagline.  But after dealing with the brilliant minds of this Romanian based company, I have experienced that they do live up to this as no other. If you have a user question or feature request for something you feel is still missing in the decoder, you simply send them an email. First of all, they actually answer their email. Every time I had a question, it was quickly resolved. And if you have an feature request they like, it will be integrated in a following firmware update.  For that you don’t have to wait a year, as with some, but new releases are sometimes made daily. That said, the Train-O-Matic decoders are already pretty complete decoders, as you will see from the list of features below.  So they challenge you to tell then how they can make it better. That all made me a fan.


I am proud to have become a Train-O-Matic reseller and their range of great products will in steps become available on this website, starting later this month, April 2019.

Lokomander decoder series

NEM 651

NEM 652


- Output Mapping to functions F0, F1-F12

- Short-circuit and over-current protection of motor and auxiliary outputs

- Bidirectional communication RAILCOM

- SUSI© and LocoWire© interface

- Outputs for Smart Power Pack (SPP ©)

- Electromagnetic uncoupler drive capability

- Upgradable software via the programmer, even with the decoder mounted in the locomotive

- Usable in H0, TT and N scale models

- Supply voltage 4-24V

NEM 651 (straight pins)

Coming soon

NEM 652

Coming soon


NEM 651 (angled pins)

Coming soon

NEM 651 (wires + pins)

Coming soon