Locomotive decoders

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Doehler & Haass digital decoders

The German brand Doehler & Haass is well known for their quality small decoders.  The PD05A beats all competitors with its unbelievable size. Even on the picture you can not imagine how small it is.

PD05A-4 Nano decoder

With 6 pins NEM 651

You would choose this because:

One of the smallest model train decoders known to mankind.

PD05A-3 Nano decoder

With 6 wires

The smallest

Can be programmed with virtually any DCC command station.

Dimensions: 5.0 x 7.9 x 2.5 mm.

Cable length around 145mm.

Driving characteristic values

Compatible with systems: DCC, SX1, SX2. Does NOT support DC-analog.

Total load: 0,5 A

Max. motor current: 0,5 A

Max. driving voltage: 30 V

LV, LR (dimmable): each 150 mA

AUX outputs: none


SelecTRIX 1 31 speed steps, 100 addresses

SelecTRIX 2 127 speed steps, 10,000 addresses, 16 additional functions

DCC short addresses (1-127), long addresses (0001-9999), with 14, 28, 126 speed steps

Load control of the latest generation, therefore particularly soft control behavior

Various control variants for optimum adaptation to the engine

Internally 127 speed steps

Adjustable motor frequency (16 kHz, 32 kHz)

Block section operation with simple diodes in digital mode

Light outputs dimmable


Motor, light and track connections electronically exchangeable

Temperature protection

Reset function for DCC and SX2

Update capability of the decoder

New in this 2nd generation: Solder pads VS and GND can be used for as common (blue wire) or connection for condensator based Stayalive (not powerpack)

Because of the small size of the decoder, the PD05A has some limitations:

Does not support MM und DC-analog

Does not support SX1 programming (though it is still possible through SX2 parameter programming)

No SUSI connectors

No function outputs (AUX), except for front and rear light

No extended function mappings (i.e. no conditions, no initial mapping etc.)

No automatic coupling process

No brake ramp

Perfect for 009 Bachmann Quarry Hunslet!