AVT sound modules

Let birds sing, frogs croak, woods rustle, streams gurgle, cows moo, lawnmowers mow, cyclists ring, factories make noise, church bells bell, organs play, station announcers announce trains, etc. Let your imagination run wild and bring your carefully crafted scenes to life with an appropriate sound decor.


AVT Products introduces affordable sound modules that must be provided with sound by the user. As often as he likes. Loading the desired sound from a computer is extremely simple. The modules are operated by a push button c.q. relay contact and/or a signal out of a digital environment and are supplied complete with push button(s), USB cable, power supply and speaker(s).

The Series 200 module is a unit with a sound memory of 128 MB c.q. 4,000 seconds, where over 8 inputs up to 256 sound programs can be controlled selectively. In addition, a sound file can control up to 4 LED outputs (on/off/flashing). The module sends 2 parallel-connected speakers, which are individually adjustable in volume. These capabilities make the series 200 module ideally suited for (own) station announcements, but also, for example, the sound and the flasher from a rail crossing.

A computer detects the Series 200 module by a program (PM66 Writer) that uses sounds in WAV-format. Unfortunately at this time the PM66 Writer is only available for a computer running under Windows, but it works using Windows through Parallels on a Mac.  


Instruction manual available here in several languages


Supplied with UK USB adapter (but any USB phone charger adapter can be used)

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