12 V Coreless Mini Motor with two shafts

Last page update: 17 JUL 2018

Since January 2017, the Tramfabriek has been shipping its trams with this magnificent, tiny coreless 8 x 16 mm motor.  A motor with equal quality performance like you know from Faulhaber and Maxon, but for a much lower price (reflecting a more realistic current technology price). Now the Tramfabriek again is bringing a similar motor to the market, but this time with a shafts on each side.


There has been quite a bit of requests for the tiny motor with a shaft on both sides. I am happy to announce that I have given the order to get this produced. Thanks to a group of enthusiastic customers, who have financially supported this project, I am able to bring this to the market. Currently (17 July 2018) I am waiting for the samples, before production begins.


As many of you have experienced by now, this little motor works great in the Tramfabriek models, but is also a brilliant replacement for old motors. In the history of model trains, smaller motors weren’t the best performers and did got the best out of your trains. But the introduction of small, coreless motor has changed all that. Imagine the possibilities if you can now add a flywheel to it or a worm gear on both sides


The dimensions of the motor will stay the same at 8 x 16 mm, but the 1mm in diameter shaft will now be on both sides. With a 1mm to 1.5mm adapter or silicon tube for a drive shaft (see order page) we can find many good uses for it.


Taking advantage of the special crowdfunding* prices has ended, as the campaign has reach its target, by collecting enough funds to be able to place the order.  Because of the success of the campaign, the sales price will be much lower than initially announced. Because of this, people who have pre-ordered during the campaign, have been surprised with free extra motors to make it even a better deal for them.


You can stay up to date with the development for the motor by subscribing to the mailinglist. On the subscribe page, you express your interest in the motor by ticking the box ‘Coreless motors’ and I will only contact you about this motor. Of course you can unsubscribe any time or subscribe to any of the other items.


Currently pre-orders at the retail price are being taken. Special offers are still available for people who like to order more than one motor. Click on the Pre-order button to, well, pre-order.

Artist’s impression

Prices from €19.00


Campaign started 11 JUN 2018

Above: See the power of the one shaft motor in action in the video


Updated 17 JUL 2018

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This is a small, but very powerful coreless motor, measuring 8x16 mm. It is running very smooth and slow at a low voltage and is the Tramfabriek choice for all its locomotives. Works straight on 12V, a resistor is not necessary.


Digitally they work great without additional configuration with Lenz Silver+ Mini and Lenz Gold+ Mini.

Motor specifications

Min RPM: 400

Max RPM at 12V: 13,300

Load torque: 3g.cm

Stall torque: 14.5g.cm

No load current: 6 mA

Rated current: 80 mA

<<This Coreless motor with one shaft is already in stock and available for purchase by clicking below:

Width casing: 8 mm

Length: 16 mm

Axle diameter: 1 mm

Axle length front: 6.3 mm

Axle length back: 5 mm

Example of the motor with one shaft.

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